Improved Choices Across Our Portfolio

Every day millions of people across the UK enjoy our products. We have developed our brands over the years to ensure we offer a wide variety of enjoyable food and beverages and we continue to expand our portfolio with options for every taste, lifestyle and occasion.

We believe that a more sustainable food system should meet human needs for both nutrition and enjoyment. We’re working to introduce new products that have more of the nutritious ingredients our consumers need. And we are continuing to reformulate existing recipes across our portfolio to reduce added sugars, sodium and saturated fat so that people can continue to enjoy our most-loved brands as part of a balanced diet.



Maximum taste, no sugar

Since 2005 all of our cola advertising has focused on Pepsi MAX and it’s grown 248% (by volume) in that time. Pepsi MAX disrupted no-sugar soft drinks category as it was marketed as a lifestyle brand, rather than a diet product. 

The brand has maintained its momentum with new flavours including Cherry, Raspberry and Ginger.


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Taste us, love us

Our Taste Us, Love Us campaign runs across all of our Better For You products and aims to bust the myth that for something to be healthy it has to compromise on taste. 99.9% of consumers have loved our products and, by encouraging people to switch from regular potato crisp to Better For You, we've removed thousands of calories. 

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More choices in vending

Our helloGoodChoices vending machines are filled with products which meet the nutritional benchmarks for hospitals and public sector workplaces (GBS and CQUIN). This means helloGoodChoices is helping people achieve their five-a-day by making fresh, pure fruit juice available nationwide in the vending market: a UK first!

As we continue on our journey to offer improved choices across our portfolio, more than 100 machines are already in transport hubs, council and NHS buildings, as well as universities and businesses. helloGoodChoices offers a spectrum of products from across PepsiCo’s brand portfolio including sugar-free Pepsi MAX and 7UP Free and Walkers Oven Baked – with an average 50% less fat compared to regular potato crisps.


Responsible Marketing


Informative labelling

We're committed to providing clear and informative food labelling and recognise how it can play an important role in helping people manage a balanced diet. We have voluntarily provided the % Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs) on the front of our product packaging for many years.

Recognising the consensus building for a single consistent labelling system, we were among the first to sign up to the Department of Health’s voluntary front of pack hybrid nutrition labelling scheme, which includes both % reference intakes and traffic light colours.

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Highlighting the goodness of juice

Tropicana's Little Glass campaign highlighted the Government's recommended 150ml serving helping more of the nation reach their five-a-day. We know that having whole fruit or vegetables is the ideal way to get the nutrition we need – but in this day and age, it’s not always convenient to do and so a glass of juice can be a great kick start towards that recommendation.

A 150ml glass of 100% orange juice delivers 60% of the daily Vitamin C recommended intake as well as other important micronutrients such as folate and potassium.

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Product Innovation