Climate Change Mitigation

The world faces worsening climate change. The rapid warming of our planet is likely to worsen risk factors in our global food system from extreme weather and water scarcity to soil quality loss and disruption to the political, economic and social systems that underpin how we produce and distribute food.

The global food system is responsible for around 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. We believe that it can become more carbon-efficient and resilient and also play a significant role in regenerating the health of our climate through carbon sequestration.

Protecting resources and minimising the impact of our manufacturing on the planet is an ongoing consideration. From water, to waste, to electricity we’re continually reviewing and evolving our operations to improve efficiency and reduce our environmental impact.

We have set ourselves a goal to reduce absolute Green House Gas emissions across our value chain by 40% by 2030. We will achieve this by continuing to drive down emissions throughout our value chain. 

Our UK story



We’re continuing to work towards being fossil fuel free in manufacturing and distribution by increasingly using alternative electricity sources.

Our UK manufacturing sites all use 100% renewable electricity. 25% of our Skelmersdale site’s electricity comes from our wind turbine and, almost 75% of the electricity used at our Bursom Road Walkers Crisps factory in Leicester is generated by our anaerobic digestor.


We have not sent any manufacturing site waste to landfill since 2011 and are continuing on our journey to reduce our site production waste too.  

Nearly 75% of the electricity used at our Bursom Road Walkers Crisps factory in Leicester is generated from food waste via anaerobic digestion. Across our other sites we send manufacturing waste off to a third party anaerobic digestor to ensure nothing goes to waste. We also give most of our potato peelings to local farmers who find it’s a great crop fertiliser.


Our Global Goal


Reduce absolute GHG emissions across PepsiCo's value chain by 40% by 2030

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