Next Generation Agriculture

Agriculture is the foundation of a sustainable food system and the root of our business. We partner with more than 300 farmers across the UK to locally source the highest quality ingredients including potatoes and oats.

We recognise the importance of sustainably sourcing our crops and aim to work with our farmers to make agriculture more resilient, intelligent and inclusive.

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Our UK story

50 in 5

Our journey started with our 50 in 5 goal where we gave ourselves ambitious targets to halve our carbon footprint and water usage in water-stressed areas between 2010 - 2015. But we didn’t stop there… since 50 in 5 we’ve continued our work in this area.

Sustainable Farming Programme

To work towards our goals, we’ve put in place a Sustainable Farming Programme working with growers to reduce their impact on the environment and adapt to climate change. Under the programme we provide them with tools in the field to help manage changing weather patterns, track water use, reduce carbon, and improve their yield.

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Cool Farm Tool

We partnered with the University of Aberdeen to create the award-winning Cool Farm Tool, allowing growers to identify, measure and ultimately cut their greenhouse gas emissions. Alongside Cambridge University Farms we developed iCrop, an innovative system of sensors which measure soil moisture. iCrop means it’s much easier to know where to water and when.

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Oat Growth Guide

We’ve also collaborated with leading industry and academic partners to launch the UK’s first Oat Growth Guide. The guide was designed to help farmers grow the perfect oat and aims to deliver a 5-10% increase in yield, meaning more oats per hectare, contributing to creating a more sustainable crop.


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