To mark the nationwide roll-out of Wotsits Giants our marketing team has been hard at work coming up with a creative campaign to get the nation talking about Walkers Wotsits.

Brought together under the cheeky strapline ‘size matters… when it comes to snacks’ the multi-channel campaign covers TV, digital, PR and in-store advertising to spread the word about our newest product - Wotsits Giants which are twice the size of a normal Wotsits and available in Original Really Cheesy and Flamin’ Hot flavours. Check out the TV campaign below…

But that’s not all, the brand has captured the attention of the nation by landing the official Guinness World Record for the ‘longest puffcorn’ in the world. The mammoth snack, nicknamed ‘Wotzilla’, is 10.66 meters long, weighs 250 grams and is the equivalent to 164 regular Wotsits Giants in length.

Following several trials, on the day it took an eight-strong production team two hours and twenty nine minutes to make the record-breaking snack at our Walkers factory in Bursom Road, Leicester.

To hit the required length, the team used our top secret Wotsits-recipe to combine maize with water in upscaled quantities, and then passed the mixture through our patented snack extruder to form a supersized ‘collet’ – the name for a corn puff that hasn’t yet been baked. Too large to fit into any of our ovens, it was then baked by hand, cooled until crisp and crunchy and seasoned with Wotsits’ secret recipe cheesiness.

“When the team called me up and suggested this I couldn’t believe it – we’re always looking for ways of inventing new, innovative creations, but it’s not often you get briefed to make the world’s biggest Wotsit. This just proves that size really does matter when it comes to snacking. We’re going get it mounted and display it on the wall at the factory!

Wayne Rowland
Commercial Change Specialist, Walkers


Paulina Sapinska an adjudicator from Guinness World Records said: “We’ve seen a lot of size-inspired food entries and attempts before but never have we seen anything quite like this. It’s not every day you see six people having to hold up a single snack.”

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