In just over a decade, Layla Whiting has gone from a part-time receptionist at our Walkers factory in Leicester, to one of our Organisational Capability Managers, responsible for customer service and logistics for PepsiCo across Europe.
Layla Whiting UK

Layla’s potential was spotted after just six months when she was encouraged to move to a technician role in the factory, focussing on maintaining efficiency on the production lines. To build upon her emerging leadership and people management skills, Layla was encouraged to move into a HR position.

“I had low self-confidence when I joined PepsiCo, but there were so many people who wanted me to help me succeed. Because of this I started to realise that I had a lot to offer PepsiCo and my colleagues.”

Supported by inspiring leaders and team members, Layla made the most of PepsiCo’s on-the-job training, which fuelled self-confidence in her ability as a leader.

“PepsiCo’s focus on training has made a huge difference to my career. For example, the Strategies for Success programme, designed to accelerate the careers of talented female middle-managers, has been instrumental in helping me realise my full potential.

Layla Whiting UK

“When I joined, being part of the senior leadership team seemed like a far-off dream. Now this is a realistic, tangible goal that I’m working towards.”

Layla has recently moved back to the Midlands where she started her career at PepsiCo. Now an Organisational Capability Manager working across Europe, Layla has come a long way since her first entry level job in Leicester.

“I’m lucky to have been given so many opportunities at PepsiCo. “I’ve had a variety of roles and each has allowed me to develop and enhance my skills in different ways.

“I love working here. I’d really encourage people to apply for a role at PepsiCo. You never know what it could lead to.”

Find out more about a career at PepsiCo here and why PepsiCo has been recognised as a Times Top 50 Employer for Women for the 13th consecutive year: 


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