Danielle Mendham is one of PepsiCo’s rising stars in the UK marketing team: passionate, entrepreneurial and ambitious.

“I’ve always been interested in marketing, ever since my school years. I am really passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives, and believe brands are a great way to do this.”

She first joined PepsiCo in 2015, when she started as marketing assistant for the UK’s most popular juice brand, Tropicana.

“I was drawn to PepsiCo because of its huge portfolio of iconic brands, enjoyed by millions of people every day.

“Although I started by focusing on Tropicana, I hoped that my career at PepsiCo would allow me to work on a whole range of everyday brands, all with very different challenges and opportunities.”

Danielle’s ambition soon became a reality, when she was promoted to Assistant Brand Manager for Naked. She then quickly progressed to lead the brand re-stage for Copella, where she was challenged to raise the profile of one of PepsiCo’s lesser known brands.

“I was really excited to join the Copella team. It’s always been a bit of a hidden gem in our portfolio and I felt that we hadn’t quite unlocked its full potential.”

Danielle led the team on a year-long journey to bring one of PepsiCo’s quieter brands to the forefront.

Juice to Porridge UK

“At PepsiCo, everything starts with insight. We immerse ourselves in research to understand our consumers, what they want from brands, what they love about brands, and how they want to feel when they’re enjoying one of our products.

“We were staggered to find that consumers had lost touch with nature and we even found research which showed that one in 10 British children didn’t know that apples grew on trees!”

From this insight, Danielle led the development of a major re-positioning for Copella that focused on reconnecting people with the true taste of nature, through its distinct apple juice range and story.

She was integral throughout, from analysis and research, to setting the brand strategy, right through to product development, campaign development and packaging design. 

“I had end-to-end responsibility for bringing the Copella re-positioning to life. It was fantastic, and a real learning curve.”

Although Danielle was given the chance to lead the re-stage, she was supported and inspired by people across the business, and it was an opportunity to work with colleagues from all different functions.

“We have such a collaborative culture, there’s a real emphasis on sharing good practice and learning together.

“We also have so many inspiring leaders from different backgrounds who are happy to invest their time in helping their teams develop, so we can all learn from their experience.”

Juice to Porridge UK

With several successful campaigns under her belt, Danielle now has another opportunity to change direction.

After three years working on PepsiCo’s juice portfolio, she will be joining the Quaker brand team to lead their on-the-go breakfast range.

“Quaker is already the UK’s favourite porridge brand. Our goal now is to make Quaker famous for on-the-go breakfasts. From a marketing point of view, it’s a blank canvas – every marketer’s dream!”

With more and more people short on time and looking to eat breakfast on the move, getting this right is crucial for Quaker, and a huge opportunity to help Brits have a better breakfast.

“I’m incredibly grateful to have been given so much responsibility at this stage in my career. It’s a huge show of faith from the business.

“But, I know I won’t be taking up the challenge alone. I’ll be supported by inspiring leaders and team members every step of the way.”

Find out more about a career at PepsiCo here:https://www.pepsicojobs.com/europe/


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