Sunseed Oil

Sunseed Oil is made from a very special type of sunflower seed.

The Sunseed Oil sunflowers are grown in warm, sunny climates, and in the Autumn, the sunflowers and their seeds are harvested. The seeds are then crushed and the oil is extracted.

Sunseed Oil is one of the healthiest oils there is, because it is naturally higher in monounsaturates and naturally lower in saturates. Standard sunflower oil is higher in polyunsaturates and lower in saturates. Standard crisp cooking oil has traditionally been one which is higher in saturates.

By switching to the healthier Sunseed Oil we have been able to reduce the saturated fat content of our crisps and snacks by up to 80%.

There is also emerging evidence that monounsaturates play an important role in health.

Monounsaturates in the UK Diet (190.4 KB)

The chart below illustrates the fatty acid profile of different types of oils. Blue represents monounsaturated fatty acids, purple represents polyunsaturated fatty acids and cream represents saturated fatty acids. As can be seen Sunseed Oil on average provides 80% monounsaturates, 10% polyunsaturates and 10% saturates.

Chart of fat profile by oil type