Walkers plant in Leicester achieves zero waste to landfill

The Walkers factory in Leicester is one of seven PepsiCo manufacturing sites that stopped sending any waste to landfill in 2009. As PepsiCo UK's largest plant, this achievement by the Leicester site represents a significant reduction in the company's total waste to landfill.

14 January 2010

In line with our strategy for reducing our impact on the environment, as set out through our clear targets, seven PepsiCo UK manufacturing sites achieved zero per cent landfill status in 2009. The Walkers plant in Leicester is one of the latest to join this list, reducing the amount it sent to landfill to zero from 32.3 tonnes a month at the beginning of 2008.

Landfill capacity in the UK is finite and the impact of additional landfill waste has a .negative impact on the environment with surface water, ground, soil and air pollution particularly affected.

One of the key components of the Leicester plant's waste strategy was the appointment of four waste marshalls by the site Sustainability Manager who ensured that waste was correctly separated and stored, and that other front line employees were educated on the need to separate and recycle. The enthusiasm of front-line employees has been a key driving force for reducing absolute landfill waste.

By identifying different waste streams and appropriate methods of removal, the plant was able to reduce its weekly amount of total landfill waste to 1.5 tonnes a week by the end of 2008 before achieving zero landfill waste by the end of 2009.