Walkers' 'Do us a flavour' campaign goes global and wins overwhelming industry recognition

The 'Do us a flavour campaign', which ran throughout 2009, has received widespread recognition from the advertising industry for the innovative and interactive way it reached consumers. Cannes, Gramia, Festival of Media and Campaign Media have all recognised the campaign.

27 April 2010

Walkers Crisps, which has a history of pioneering new flavours of crisps, launched the 'Do us a flavour' campaign in July 2008. The campaign was developed from the simple insight that the British public enjoys debating the merits of crisp flavours, and tapped into demand from consumers to be engaged in new, more interactive ways. The year-long campaign was incredibly successful and has received industry-wide recognition.

'Do us a flavour', like some of PepsiCo's other major marketing campaigns (such as the ongoing Doritos King of Ads campaign), gave the consumer unprecedented control over the direction and eventual outcome of the campaign. Members of the public could submit ideas for possible new crisp flavours, with the best 6 flavours going to the public vote. Uniquely, the winner would receive not only £50,000, but also a share in the profit of their winning flavour.

The execution of the campaign was also a massive business challenge. For example, the research and development team had only 4 weeks to develop the best 6 ideas into new flavours that could be sold in-store for the public to buy and try. Distribution for all 6 flavours had to be secured, even in small corner shops.

1.2 million flavour entries were received and over 1 million votes eventually cast - and with 1 in 5 households trying one of the finalist flavours. In the end, Builders Breakfast was the well deserved winner.

The full list of awards

2009 Festival of Media

  • WON The Effectiveness Award

2009 Campaign Media Awards

  • WON The Grand Prix
  • WON Best Grocery, Soft Drinks and Household
  • WON Best Total Communications Programme

2009 Gramia Awards

  • WON Diamond Gramia
  • WON Best Integrated Campaign

Other notable nominations

2009 Mediaweek Awards

2009 Cannes Revolution Awards

Forthcoming awards

2010 Marketing Society Awards - Marketing Capability

2010 Marketing Week Engage Awards

2010 ISP Awards