Taryn Roberts recently started as a Finance Business Partner at PepsiCo – four years after leaving her previous role.

While returning to work seemed daunting to start with, Taryn has found that her career break has put everything, including her career, into perspective.

Taking a step back

Taryn was in a senior finance role at an FMCG company, but felt after six years that she needed to take a break. While she always loved working, she decided she wanted to take time out to focus on starting a family.

From twins to work

Taryn gave birth to twins at the end of 2016. But with the thrills of a career still in her mind, she decided that after 14 months at home with them, she would take the leap back into work.

“I really took my time to find something I loved, and something that was suited to my new life as a mum to two babies. While I was ready to go back to work, I was worried I’d end up somewhere that didn’t support my work/life balance. But I made my expectations clear from the very start with PepsiCo. They were incredibly responsive and flexible which made me sure that this was the place for me.”

As a result, Taryn joined PepsiCo in early 2018 as a Finance Business Partner in the grocery channel, and she hasn’t looked back since.

“PepsiCo has just felt like a natural fit for me. Everyone has been so supportive. And most importantly, my work is really flexible. I have to drop the twins off at their child minders at 07:30 and then pick them up between 17:00 and 17:30. It’s a 45-minute journey from the office too, but it’s never been an issue. I also work from home on Friday which means I get to spend more time with the twins either side of the day, rather than commuting to the office.”

Coping with the transition

Despite being nervous about returning to work after four years out, and worried that such a huge change in her personal life would affect how she worked, Taryn has found that restarting her career has helped her to feel more like herself again.

“It’s easy to feel like you’ve lost yourself after having kids, but going back to work has completely changed this. While it is daunting, the leap is totally worth it.”

Find out more about PepsiCo’s return-ship programme here: http://bit.ly/2LrQ6Dt