National Salt Awareness Week is an important milestone each year. There is no doubt that educating people on the impact of salt on their health is incredibly important. And while crisps and snacks only contribute a small amount of salt to the population’s overall intake, we recognise that as the nation’s favourite crisp manufacturer, we play a role in helping reduce crisp-lovers salt consumption to the recommended target of 6g salt per day.

What we are doing

While salt is an important ingredient in our crisps, we’ve managed to make significant changes over the years, so people can still enjoy our products as part of a balanced diet.

We took the lead against our competitors, by reducing salt in our standard potato crisps by 25%, and by 55% across our savory snacks. As a result, the nation’s favourite crisps, Walkers, had an average salt reduction of 11.7% across its portfolio by 2009.

These developments also enabled us to meet the salt reduction targets of the Government’s voluntary Responsibility Deal by 2012.

Our work in salt reduction continues, as we were the only crisps and snack manufacturer to voluntarily sign up to the UK Government’s 2017 salt targets.

What does the future hold?

We’re now taking our learnings from the UK and applying them globally, setting new ambitious goals in line with the World Health Organisation’s recommendations. These include a commitment to ensuring three quarters of our global foods portfolio will not exceed 1.3 milligrams of sodium per 100 calories by 2025.