PepsiCo is home to market leading brands and household favourites like Quaker, Walkers, Pepsi Max and Tropicana. 

Every day millions of people in the UK and Ireland enjoy our oats, snacks, juices and soft drinks. Our product range also includes Copella apple juice, Naked juice smoothies, Scott’s Porage Oats, 7UP, and Sunbites.

The almost 4,500 strong team behind these products is spread across 10 UK sites, including our Quaker oats mill in Cupar and our Walkers crisp factory in in Leicester – the largest crisp factory in the world!

At the heart of PepsiCo is Performance with Purpose — our goal to deliver top-tier financial performance while creating sustainable value for all stakeholders. We believe that delivering for our consumers and customers, protecting our environment, sourcing with integrity and investing in our employees are not just the right thing to do, but that these actions also position PepsiCo for long-term, sustainable growth.

Snacks you know and love

Walkers are the UK’s favourite crisps, made from 100% British potatoes, and known for their famous flavours, including Cheese and Onion which is the most popular in the UK. Our portfolio also includes instantly recognisable, iconic snacks like Monster Munch, Quavers, Cheetos and Doritos.

A great start to the day

Our oats & porridge from Quaker and Scott’s, offer the delicious goodness of wholegrain oats with great options on flavours and ways to prepare them. You can now choose whether to make your Quaker porridge on a stove, in the microwave, in a pot or even in a cup. We are providing delicious, nutritious breakfasts to suit modern day lifestyles. 

Delicious 100% pure fruit juices

Tropicana is the number 1 chilled fruit juice brand in the UK and prides itself on providing 100% pure fruit, not from concentrate juices, which taste great and can deliver one of your 5 a day. Our portfolio also includes delicious British apple juice from Copella, and great-tasting smoothies from Naked made from fruit and vegetables. 

Famous soft drinks with a focus on no-sugar

Pepsi Max is the fastest growing cola brand in the UK, and the focus of all our cola advertising and sponsorship. 7UP, Mountain Dew and Lipton iced tea are also global brands popular in the UK. 
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10 sites across the UK employing around 4,500 people

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